How am I going to survive in my third year university life?



Every student might have heard this story from somewhere before that third year life in the university is the toughest year of all. Big projects are due week by week and teachers assign homework like students have gotten only their classes to attend. Well, frankly speaking, it’s literally true. Nothing could ever be more right than this.

My name is Taew. I am a student from Thammasat University who is currently studying in my junior year in the Faculty of Journalism. What you’re about to read here is a story about my experiences in one of the classes that I have attended which I’d like to share with those people who might face the same situations.

One of the courses I have enrolled is called ‘Editorial and Article Writing’ course. What I’m going to talk about is the experiences from having to work with the people whom the teacher selected for you. Yes, it’s a random selection for group members. Say goodbye to my close friends whom I always do projects with. It’s now some strangers I never got a real chance to talk with before, or those whom I basically don’t want to be friends with, but now they’re in the same group with me, and I have to work together with them to finish tons of works every week. Many problems may be prevised in your head right now but that’s not it.

Sometimes, life is so weird that you cannot even imagine how something would logically bound together, but still, you have to be consent and follow along with it. Who could believe that in this world, there’s a rule not to bring iced coffee into a classroom but only hot coffee allowed? What is the reason not to do so? Even until now, I still could not be able to find a valid reason to support this rule that my teacher put on me and also the rest of the students. Moreover, this rule is just one among over ten rules that I need to strictly follow.

On the very first class of this course, I was so dumbfounded by all the rules and projects that hit me like a storm, could not even fake a smile, and be positive that I could overcome all of these things. Tears even fell down because they couldn’t be able to endure from all of the pressures. However, as time passed by, my tears dried because I finally became accustomed to it and that I finally realized that my teacher did this for a good cause. He had a reason behind all of his actions and that reason is ‘to make these young rudderless students become grown-ups.’

Let’s think of what I would get from working with random friends whom I would not be so fond of. Absolutely, I faced a lot of problems. There were quarrels and fights over different opinions. However; that’s life. In the working place, you must have to face this kind of situations everyday because you have to deal with strangers who are customers or coworkers in your team who come from different places. Different opinions always occur. The best way out of here that I have learned is to deal with these problems with a right method. To be able to work with fellows that you’re not close with, the right method is to be open-minded and calm. Sometimes, you think that your idea is best but others may not agree. You have to open your mind for different opinions, and be calm when one challenges you. What’s most important for a teamwork is ‘to listen.’ I have learned that I must not shut my ears, heart, and mind when working as a team.

Now let’s move on to think about what I would get from following strict rules. Annoyance? Freaking out? Or good patience? I have learned something from working under strict rules. Sometimes, in the real life, reasonability might not always be there and the only things that could make you go through the exhausted life are the patience and the strong will of determination. Sincerely, this class was truly a practice that prepared me for the real world. It opened my eyes to see that there could be something worse out there waiting for me. If I could not even go through a classroom rule, how would I be able to overcome bigger struggles and live my life in the unfair world? Even though I get annoyed sometimes, I have gained more patience.

Lastly, What would I get from having to complete tons of projects under a tight deadline? Sleeplessness? Panda eyes? Or good lessons? We know that in the future we must work diligently to finish the task given by our boss in time. No late because late means disaster for our career life. No companies want a worker who couldn’t work for them by the time they want. The lesson I got from studying this course is the experiences of working in a real-like environment. I have to manage my time accordingly and not be a lazy kiddo. Only diligent person would survive in this society.

Life is always hard and you cannot turn your face away from that. Sometimes, tough life teaches you something more valuable than the simple one could do. Third year university life is one of that. It’s a time where you can really learn new worthy experiences that the freshmen or the sophomore year couldn’t be able to give you. The experiences from this class are not only practical and beneficial but also memorable for me because I couldn’t get this from somewhere else. Thanks to my teacher, I now feel as I have become a grown-up who is ready to step out to the real world.


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